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Snakebite SUBXERO Nano Coil

Snakebite SUBXERO Nano Coil

ATOM Vapes

  • $2000

SnakeBite coils are some of the most technologically advanced coils on the market. They combine both design and technology into one small, convenient package. It’s ThrottleTech Variable liquid flow system manages the amount of liquid that seeps onto the heating element. It’s similar to dripping, where users can control the amount of liquid they want to burn. This will help users save money by making the liquid flow tight for casual vaping and open the holes when they want to take bigger hits.

These coils come with mid ohm resistance, which allows maximum amount of voltage to reach the heating element, creating huge clouds of vapor. Our coils are made from Japanese organic cotton and have a variable liquid flow mechanism.

The SnakeBite Coils come with:

  • 4x SnakeBite 0.5Ω Coils
  • 1x User manual

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