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Mr Fog Max Air Disposable

Mr Fog Max Air Disposable

Mr Fog

  • $2200

Canada's newest disposable. Comes with it's own lanyard. Up to 2500 puffs.

Peach Strawberry Watermelon –  peach, strawberry, watermelon and ice- cold menthol.
Apple Grape –   apple, graps and cool menthol.
Strawberry Raspberry Cherry – strawberry,  raspberry,  cherry and freezing
Peach Pineapple – peach, pineapple, cool menthol.
Peach Blue Raspberry – peach, blue raspberry and cold as ice menthol.
Watermelon Kiwi Ice – kiwi, watermelon, classic menthol. 
Apple Blueberry Ice – apple, blueberry, menthol
Peach Ice - peach, menthol
Mint – icy mix of  menthol flavors
Blue Raspberry Ice – blue-raspberry, hint of ice 
Pineapple Berry – pineapple infused peach 
Coca Fruit Chew –  coco with raisin and black cherry 
Strawberry Dough Ring – dough mixed together with strawberry
Lychee Mango – mango, lychee.
Red Kola – with cherry
Banana Dream -  cream and  banana 
Crumble Dream -  cream disc
Cocoa Mint Dream -  coco, mint 
Hawaiian Dream -  pineapple, cream 
Napolitano Dream - cream, strawberry, vanilla and coco
Banana Strawberry Kiwi -  kiwi, strawberry, banana
Banana Raspberry Dragon Fruit -  banana, raspberry, and  dragon fruit 
Banana Green Apple - green apple  and banana
Banana Strawberry Watermelon - strawberry, banana  watermelon
Tropical Whip -  banana, coconut, and guava 

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