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Hohm Slice LE

Hohm Tech

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We believe in no limits. We believe in precision. We believe in efficiency. We put quality & safety above all. welcome to the world's first device that incorporates the best of the best every mod has ever offered... now you can put all other mods to rest...

  • Temperature Control the "impossible"... KANTHAL, NICHROME, CERAMIC INFUSED & everything else
    • Supports TC (K1) Kanthal, (NiCr) Nichrome, (W) Tungsten, (Ni) Nickel, (Ti)Titanium, (SS 304, 316, 317, 430) Stainless Steel, Ceramic lnfused coils & limits here...
  • Integrated FSK Intellichips execute multiple tasks
    • Supports variable output banding on amperage & wattage adjustments so chip does not fluctuate in wide variations *Result: increased battery life, coils, cotton, and reduces battery amperage stress
  • 101W yep, ONE HUNDO + 1
  • Solo Update & Adaptive Fast Charge Port
    • Supports 1.5hr charge on LE & 4hr on SE
  • Baked ceramic symbol layer
  • Dual-Release point battery door (slide with hand, lift with finger)
  • Battery contact footprint has 47% more surface area than traditional 150W-250W + device average
    • Candidates of measure: Fuchai 200W, Snow Wolf 200W, IPV3-Li 165W, Sigelei 15OW TC. Tesla 160W, WiSmec RX250
    • Eliminates battery contact stress, & battery power spiking
  • Inside & Out 100% engineered and designed in the United States (not just "designed")
  • System menu & instruction manual written by English vapers, in English
  • Concaved FIRE button for finger ergonomics
  • Flatline 0.0000010Ω - 3Ω (run it all! limits here)
  • Full-face push pin with high-tension spring 510
    • Ensures pure contact for utmost energy flow
      • Result: eliminates another energy stress point
  • 64Kb Onboard ROM to handle all computations of proprietary algorithms and EPT: valuations


  1. 101W
  2. 26650 powered
  3. Flatline ohm 0.000001
  4. Temp Control - EVERYTHING (YES, kanthal & ceramic infused too)
  5. Solo Update & Charge port
  6. Adaptive Fast Charge IC
  7. Baked Ceramic Symbol Layer
  8. 31.9% less surface area than Wrecker G2
  9. 4 button system with 3 button layout
  10. Dual-Release point battery door (slide with hand, or lift with finger)
  11. 510 with deep pocket & high tensile pin
  12. Engineered in California...not just “designed”
  13. 500 DAY WARRANTY


  • Chip: FSK1, TC-XT Series (T24SMX v3.2)
  • Battery: 26650-powered Not included 
  • Temp Control: Ni, SS, Ti, NiCr, K, W, & Ceramic Infused (YES, temp control EVERYTHING. No limits here)
  • Wattage Output; 10W -101W (all modes)
  • Voltage Output; FSK1 Intellichip,  automation
  • Temperature Range: 200°F - 700°F (93°C - 372°C)
  • Ohm Resistance Range: Flatline - 0.000001Ω - 3Ω
  • Temp/Watt Increments:0.1 (10-49.9: WATTS MODE)
  • 1.0(50-101: WATTS MODE)
  • 1.0°C (TEMP MODE)
  • 10.0°F (TEMP MODE)

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