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Hazematic Revolt


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The REVOLT is made out of pharmaceutical grade 316 type stainless steel - a material that can sustain extremely elevated temperature, with a heat limit of 2000°F / 1093°C.  Many other RDAs out there are mostly made out of 304 type stainless steel, which bear much weaker heat and corrosion resistances.  This REVOLT does not only “take the heat”, it can as well “take the beat” !  The 316 type stainless steel is nearly indestructible unless you really try to destroy it.

The REVOLT applies PEEK (PolyEther Ether Ketone) - an organic thermoplastic polymer with excellent chemical and temperature resistances, with a heat limit 650°F / 343°C – as the key material for its well designed Top Cap and Drip Cap.  The removable PEEK Top Cap is designed for easy access to wick(s), while any standard sized drip tip will fit perfectly.

The wide bore competition style Drip Cap is made out of 316 type stainless steel with a removable PEEK heat shield.  So, your fingers and lips are well protected from any potential heat burn !!

The REVOLT is a Canadian product with thorough and thoughtful design.  All dimensions, layouts, functionalities are extensively tested and optimally fine tuned.  We at Hazematic considers the REVOLT a classic RDA with total refinements.  
Exterior features :
  • “Full-Flex Airflow Control” allows range fine-tuning within options, flexible for personal flavor inclination to competition specific setups.
  • Engraved with unique and cool REVOLT logo.
  • Thoughtfully packaged with a stainless steel stand for the ease of coil(s) building, storage, and display. 
 Interior features :
  • Dual or Single coil capabilities. 
  • C110 Lead-free Oxygen-free Copper center pin & interchangeable center post for maximum conductivity; negative posts are deck integrated. 
  • Strengthened stainless steel posts hex set screwswith hex wrench included.
  • Large post holes to accommodate lower gauges wires and flexible coil(s) arrangements.
  • Optimal chamber size to accompany focused flavors, strong hit, and maximum vapor. 
  • Concave juice reservoir to maximize juice volume and to minimize juice over spill.
  • Silicon O-rings with a heat limit of 450°F / 232°C.
Specifications :
  • Industry standard 22mm Outside Diameter
  • Industry standard 510 Bottom Connections
  • 2.5mm holes on Negative Posts
  • 2.5mm holes on Positive Posts
  • 1.5mm allen wrench included
  • Spare Set Screws and Silicon O-rings included

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