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GEAR Premium Ruby 6mm Banger Balls (2pc bag)

  • $1000
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High quality lab made synthetic rubys.


How do you use dab pearls?  Using dab pearls, also known as banger balls or banger beads, help you maximize your dab hits by moving around in your banger without you having to do it manually.

When these little balls are coupled with a directional airflow carb cap, the balls spin around the banger and agitate the oil in order to achieve a thorough vaporization.  Dabbing at too high of a temperature can degrade the cannabis compounds resulting in a harsh, burnt flavour.  These little banger balls can help dabbers get maximum flavour at lower temperatures. 

Includes 2 pearls / balls.

Benefits of Dabbing with Dab Pearls


  • Enjoy more terps and flavours by being able to dab at a lower temperature
  • Less waste - get the most out of your oil or wax
  • Full spectrum of temp / taste / effects


    GEAR is a high quality glass company from Vancouver, BC. The functional design of their glassware coupled with the outstanding craftsmanship, makes them one of the most popular glass brands across North America. 

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