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Evaperated Lab Liquids


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Blue Sky? Bitch! - is best described as a 'blue freezie' flavor, or a blow pop as some have stated. Blue Raspberry, sweet and tart with hints of apple. NOTE: This does come by default with blue coloring.

Frosty's breath - is basically heaven in a bottle. It is cold, it is candy cane, it is slight chocolate. It is like drinking a candy cane hot chocolate or sucking on an after eight mint. If you are scared of mints or menthols we STILL recommend this one to try at least once. Many have found their long lost ADV in this flavor, ourselves included.

Hannibal Nectar - is a lemon cookie with icing in the middle and raspberry drizzle on the top. It is semi-sweet, slightly tart and VERY creamy and smooth. There is a LOT of flavor in this guys, so even at a max vg ratio you wont get more than 60% VG in this puppy. However, it has many dripping and sub ohm fans that have zero problems chasing clouds with it.

NEVERMORE - is best described as a warm apple fritter.  The glaze of the fritter comes out more at higher wattages.  It's not overly sweet but does have a sweet nature playing around with the other notes of apple and cinnamon.  The flavor of the actual fritter dough mingles with the rest to provide you with a flavor that is rich and comforting.

Patient 'Zero' - is our signature custard flavor. It is very vanilla custard but also leans towards a bit of a vanilla pudding. It's smooth and rich and blends well with other flavors.

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