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Alchemist Elev8 E-Liquid 100ml [ETA]

  • $4999

[ETA] = Excise Tax Applied

Boost – An instant favorite! This silky-smooth orange blend adds a boost to your daily vape experience, but is built for the long haul. Get in, sit down and hold on

Lift - Do you even lift bro? Simple and complex all in one, you’ll recognize the swirly highs and crispy lows instantly, always lift with your legs and good luck putting this one down.

Launch - Not your average cherry bomb, Freshly ripened cherries carefully maneuver the taste bud battlefield, Get your wicks ready and prepare for launch

Rise - Strawberries can go with anything so rise and shine or rise to the occasion, But always keep a bottle with you. The thick base rises to the top to meet the fresh strawberries. Be like the sun and continue to rise.

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