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Switch Vapor House

  • $2500

Flavored cigar lovers rejoice!! Your favorite flavors are back with this all new line of naturalluy extracted tobacco tailored to help you make the Switch from those ole stinky cigars over to the vaper side of the force.

50ml bottle of max VG cigar awesomness!

Naked - A raw cigar flavor for those die hards wanting just a plain ole' tobacco.

Vanilla - Just the right amount of vanilla flavoring to take off the edge.

Caramel Custard - A revamp of our old Switch House Blend Yoda with a custard/tobacco inhale and a beautiful caramel exhale.

Raspberry - Who doesn't love a good old raspberry from the garden mixed in with their cigar?

Peach - A blend of ripe Okanogan peach and tobacco flavoring definitely designed after your fave peach tipped cigar.

Apple - A pure earthy apple makes this tobacco blend just right for so many wanting a nice light crisp blend.

Grape - Grape and cigar?? You've been asking us for a long time and here it is. 


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