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Alchemist Labs Disposables

Alchemist Labs

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Beaver Sauce Bucktooth - A tangy blend of juicy apples, fresh cranberries, and sweet watermelon that will have you showing them buckteeth. 3.4ml, 800 Puff

Elev8 Lift - Lift – Do you even lift bro? Simple and complex all in one, you’ll recognize the swirly highs and crispy lows instantly, always lift with your legs and good luck putting this one down. 3.4ml, 800 Puff

Khaos Grape Neutron - A marvel of science. The fresh lychee spins and swirls around its concord grape center in an eternal dance of flavor aimed at new and seasoned vapers alike! Small can defiantly be powerful.  3.4ml, 800 Puff

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