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Airistech V12 Twisty Blunt

Airistech V12 Twisty Blunt

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Stop wasting time trying to roll the perfect one - the V12 Twisty Blunt is just the revolutionary pipe you've been waiting for! The V12 is a smart pipe made of heat-resistant high borosilicate glass that can be loaded with up to 1.5 grams of your favorite aromatic blend. No paper (so you get a healthier smoke), no mess, it's really simple!


Simply pack the pipe, twist in the screw, and light. Once the V12 is lit, it stays lit, simply turn the mouthpiece from time-to-time to engage the twisty screw and eject the ash. When done, simply put the cap on to extinguish the flame, keeping the remaining un-smoked product ready for your next session. 


1 - V12  Twisty Blunt

1 - Silicon Cap

1 - Cleaning Brush

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